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A modern, innovative medical practice providing you quality, compassionate, personalized healthcare and wellness services by Dr. Annetta Alexander for a set monthly membership fee. Dr. Annetta Alexander will be there to give you the time and attention you deserve Dr. Alexander is dedicated to spending optimum time with you so that she can formulate treatment plans for the root cause of your health concerns.

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$ 99
  • Dental Implant
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$ 149
  • Dental Implant
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  • Dental Implant
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Coaching Package

$ 75
  • Price: $75 per session
  • 60 minute Initial Coaching Session
  • Coaching Journal'
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  • Access to 7 day / week
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Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Healthcare uses a rapidly growing model of care where doctors are paid directly by their patients, rather than being reimbursed months later from governmental payers or insurance companies. Basically, we’re cutting out the middleman, along with the hassles that interfere with healthcare. DPC is reminiscent of the historic doctor-patient relationship, when doctors didn’t have thousands of patients, had plenty of time to spend with you, and you didn’t have to wait weeks for your appointment. Cutting out all the middlemen and red tape increases the doctor and the patient’s satisfaction, and dramatically cuts costs. Healthcare doesn’t have to be an inconvenience anymore and membership comes with many other perks.

We strive to find the easiest means possible for you. Appointments may be offered in your home, over the phone or via video conferencing.

Thankfully, we do not! Insurance is better served for catastrophic health issues, and has only caused unnecessary increase in primary care. We intentionally forego insurance, to reduce these unnecessary costs, and to remove the “middle-man” from your healthcare.

The Affordable Care Act still holds the individual mandate that everyone maintains a health insurance plan. However, we recommend a low premium high-deductible plan or a shared care plan. 

At this time, membership cost is not tax deductible.


 Absolutely! The goal of primary care is to keep you from needing frequent medical attention by screening and treating diseases before they become a long-term problem.

 We can provide referrals to any variety of specialist.

At this time, Dr. Alexander is seeing patients from ages 18 and up.

Since we have numerous ways to communicate, we can frequently assist you while you are out of town with either phone calls, email, text, or video conferencing visits.

 If you are not completely satisfied with our care you may cancel with no penalty.  We require 30 days written notice.  A re-enrollment fee will be applied if you miss our personalized care and want to return as a patient.

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